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Analysis on the double-sided PCB Board
Mar 04, 2017

Double PCB Board is circuit board in the is important of a PCB Board, market Shang has double circuit board metal base PCB Board, and Hi-Tg heavy copper foil circuit board, and flat of winding of double circuit board, and high frequency of PCB, and mixed between electric base high frequency double circuit board,, it applies Yu widely of high-tech industry as: telecommunications, and power, and computer, and industrial control, and digital products, and Science instrument, and medical devices, and car, and aviation space defense,.

Double-sided printed circuit boards are usually made of epoxy glass cloth printed circuit board manufacturing. It is mainly used for high performance requirements of communications electronic equipment, Advanced instrumentation, and computers and so on.

Dual-panel manufacturing process is generally divided into process the wire act, plugging holes one etching method, masking and pattern plating method, and so on.

Double-sided PCB Proofing is the most commonly used technology. While Rosin, OSP process technology, gold plating, immersion gold, silver of these processes, in two-panel can also be used.

HASL process: look and feel better, pad for silver, Tin on the pad easy welding easy and cheap.

Sikkim technology: quality, stability, and is typically used for bonding IC case.

The difference between double-sided PCB Board with single-sided PCB Board, single-panel line one side of the PCB Board only, while the line of double-sided PCB in the PCB in the both sides of the plate, double-sided PCB Board with a hole in the middle line connected.

Double-sided PCB Board parameters of double-sided PCB Board production and single-sided PCB Board production processes different things, also sank bronze technology, which is a technique for conduction of double lines.

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