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Causes hole without copper PCB Board
Mar 04, 2017

Causes hole without copper PCB Board, the following are my personal views on the hole without copper circuit and control method. Causes of the hole without copper is:
1. drill dust plug holes or rough.
2. when PTH potion bubble, holes not sink with brass.
3. the hole there is a line of ink, not upper protective layer, etch-free copper.
4. copper or acids alkalis in the pore solution is not clean after, parked too long, slow bite Eclipse.
5. improper operation, stays in the micro-etching process for too long.
6. too much stress, (design hole so close to via) neat disconnected in the middle.
7. plating (SN, NI) penetration ability is poor.
These 7 big hole without copper issues for improvement.
1. easy to produce dust hole (for example, 0.3mm aperture 0.3mm) high pressure washing and de-smear process was added.
2. the activity of potions and shock effects.
3. change print screen and the film.
4. extended wash time and provides the number of hours completed transfer.
5. set the timer.
6. additional blast holes. Reduced Board.
7. regular penetration testing.

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