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Customized Wire harness Circuit Board Assembly
Feb 01, 2018

       From a simple wire harness design to an SMT printed circuit board assembly, we can handle a wide range of applications, cost-effectively and with the highest levels of quality and customer support. Radio remote control with its transmission distance, anti-interference ability, non-directional advantages, used in many fields. However, due to the complexity of electrical equipment, sending equipment, debugging difficulties and other reasons, it has been restricted in the civil field, with the development of electronic technology, these problems have been resolved, so that it has a strong vitality.

     Early transmitters use more LC oscillator, the frequency drift is more serious. The advent of acousto-acoustic devices addresses this issue with frequency stability that is about the same as the crystal oscillator with base frequencies up to hundreds or even gigahertz. Without double frequency, compared with the crystal oscillator circuit is extremely simple. The following two circuits for the common transmitter circuit, due to the use of the sound table device, the circuit work is very stable, even if the hand antenna, sound table or other parts of the circuit, the transmission frequency will not drift. Compared with Figure 1, Figure 2 has a larger transmit power. Up to 200 meters.

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