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Heat sink design for PCB circuit board design
Mar 04, 2017

Heat sink design for PCB circuit board design
From the point of view of thermal, printing is the best vertical installation, the distance between the plate and the plate should normally not be less than 2cm, and the arrangement of devices on the printed version should follow certain rules:

1, for the free convection air cooling equipment, preferably integrated circuits (or other device) arranged in a lengthwise; use forced air cooling equipment, preferably integrated circuits (or other device) by Heng long row.

2, and with a printed board Shang of devices should as by its heat size and the thermal degree partition arranged, heat small or heat sex poor of devices (as small signal transistor, and small scale IC, and Electrolytic Capacitor,) put in cooling air of most high (entrance), heat big or heat sex good of devices (as power transistor, and LSI,) put in cooling air most downstream.

3, in the horizontal direction, high power devices near the edge of the printed circuit board layout as much as possible, to reduce heat transfer paths in the vertical direction, above the high power device as close as possible to the printed circuit board layout, in order to reduce the effect of temperature of other devices these devices work.

4, the temperature-sensitive devices are best placed in areas with the lowest temperature (such as the bottom of the device), do not place it directly over the heating device, preferably in horizontal plane staggered layout of multiple devices.

5, printed circuit boards within the equipment cooling mainly depends on air flow, so to study air flow path at design time, the rational allocation of components or printed circuit boards. Air flow tends to drag the small places, so when configuring devices on a printed circuit board, to avoid an area with larger air space.

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