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How to check the soldering quality of components in the SMT chip?
Mar 26, 2018

The quality of the components in the SMT patch must be well controlled in order to obtain the customer's approval, so it is very important to check the electronic components in the SMT patch. When inspecting the soldering quality of the electronic components in the SMT chip, it is mainly to inspect whether the quality of the solder joint is qualified or not, and whether the soldering position is correct or not. Secondly, various problems appearing in the common components and parts should also be noted.

1. Inspection of Solder Joint Quality When inspecting the solder joints of the SMD components, check whether the solder joints are in good wetness, whether the spread of the solder on the surface of the solder joint is even and continuous, and the joint angle should not be greater than 9000 patch elements. Solder joints are soldered to a maximum height above the pad or to the top of the solderable end of the metallization, but not to the component itself.


When checking the soldering quality of the SMD components, if the soldering of the pins in the SMT process extends to the bent position of the component pins, but does not affect the normal operation of the SMD components, it can also be regarded as a normal welding operation.


2. When inspecting the pin soldered parts of the SMD components for the inspection of the solder joint location, it is important to check whether the pin and the pad of the component in the SMT chip are consistent. If the component pin soldered part is separated from the solder pad, However, there is a certain area of overlap, and the soldering position of the chip components can still be passed.


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