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How to solve the distortion of PCB PCB?
Mar 31, 2018

The PCB board distortion causes:


1, PCB circuit board material itself. The single panel generally uses CEM-1, and its epoxide glass transition temperature is generally between 110°C and 130°C. If you exceed this problem, the material is easily distorted.


2, the PCB board itself stress causes. Prior to heating, the presence of internal stresses will cause the board to bend, which is usually caused by improper design. For example, in the case of a single-sided circuit board, if the area of copper is too large, it will expand when it is heated.


3, improper design of the fixture. PCB circuit board equipment will make the glass transition temperature of most laminates. Causes distortion after expansion. Many circuit board manufacturers generally produce equipment with single-sided PCBs that are subject to ageing, resulting in easily distorted boards.


Measures to prevent PCB board distortion:


1. In the case of a reasonable price, the material is selected with high glass temperature, and international standard plates are built and used to avoid distortion.


2. Reasonably design the circuit board, and the area of each copper foil should be balanced.


3. Lower the temperature as much as possible without affecting the welding.


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