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Identify SMT components
Jan 29, 2018

    Can you imagine a world without Electronics ?

Electronics Industry and SMT 

What is Surface Mount Technology(SMT) ?

A modern form of components and assembly process technology .

Used by electronics industry to manufacture Printed Circuit Board(PCB)

PCB Assembly Types PCB 

   1.Through Hole Technology .Also referred as Insertion Mount Technology  Electronic commponents are inserted into holes in the PCB .

   2.Surface Mount Technology . Electronic components are directly placed and attached to the surface of the PCB .

   3.Mixed Technology 

   Technology which is a combination of surface Mount and Through Hole Technology .

Surface Mount Technology (SMT) 

Surface Mount Technology Performance 

Prime motivation is increased density and board area reduction .

Smaller devices actives and passives 

DIPs over 40 pins Were impractical 

Two-sided mounting 

SMT results in a better product SMT 

Sam fanction for less space 

More functions for same space 

Less electrical signal delays 

Less mass, better vibration resistance .

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