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PCB inspection method of circuit board short, you know?
Mar 04, 2017

PCB Chinese name for the printed circuit board, also known as printed circuit boards, electronic part that is important, is the support of electronic components, is a carrier of electronic components and electrical connections. Because it is the use of electronic paper manufactured, it is called "print" circuit board. See short circuit PCB circuit board below to check for what?

1, open PCB design on the computers, lights short circuit network, see what places are the most recent, most likely attached to the piece. Special attention to short circuit within the IC.

2, if it is a manual welding, to develop good habits:
(1) before soldering to visually check PCB Board, and use a multimeter to check critical circuits (particularly power and ground) short circuit;

(2) a chip with a multimeter check whenever you finish welding power and short circuit;

(3) not to dump iron when welding, weld solder onto the chip on (in particular, SMD components), it is not easy to find.

3, found a short circuit. Take a piece of Board to the secant (particularly suitable for single or double panel), secant respectively after each function block power gradually excluded.

4, the use of short circuit analysis instruments.

5, if you have a BGA chip, since all the solder joint is covered by chip can't see, and multilayer (4 floors above), so it is best to design the chip's power is split and the beads or 0 Ohm resistor connected, so when there is a power and short circuit, disconnect the bead test, it is easy to navigate to a chip. Because BGA welding is very difficult, if not automatic welding machine, a little attention would be adjacent to power supply and two solder short circuits.

6, the small size of the SMD capacitor welding must be careful, especially in power supply filter capacitors (103 or 104), plentiful, and is likely to cause power and short circuit. Of course, sometimes bad luck, encounter is short circuit the capacitor itself, so the best way is to weld the capacitor before testing it again.

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