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PCBA and PCB failure analysis
Mar 24, 2018

The assembly process requirements of PCBA and PCB in the intelligent era are getting higher and higher. In order to improve the key factors such as assembly process, quality, and reliability, resolving process defects is the top priority in improving the quality of electronic products. The analysis technology of electronic products is to failure of PCBA and PCB, components and solder joints, through the failure of positioning, electrical analysis, morphology analysis, slicing, composition analysis and a variety of stress test verification technology, diagnosis of product failure mechanism And the root cause, to find out the "detail" defects in the product design and manufacturing process, to correct the "details" mistakes in product design, manufacturing, and thus to control product failure and improve product reliability an effective means.


With the development of SMT assembly technology and wire bonding packaging technology, especially lead-free devices, PCBs and solders, and the wide application of new devices (01005, WLP, POP), etc., the complexity of electronic components has dramatically increased. The reliability of electronic components (manufacturing, materials, reliability testing, analysis) is also becoming increasingly complex, and reliability assurance of electronic components is also facing greater and greater challenges.


Through a variety of typical cases of defect detection analysis, reliability evaluation technology, we have a comprehensive understanding of the most mainstream electronic product failure analysis technology. The quality reliability of the products comes down to the problems of design defects, defects in materials (components, integrated circuits, PCBs, auxiliary materials), material protection in the manufacturing process, and manufacturing process defects. Reduce pcba's quality problems to achieve a precise target quality and effectively control SMT processing quality.


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