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So how do I choose which is best for my pcba board protect way ?
Jan 30, 2018

The design of the PCB, the housing and the anticipated end-use environment all play a major factor in the decision whether to use a coating or a resin.

As previously mentioned, if the housing provides adequate primary protection against the environment, then the use of a coating provides a back-up and can provide protection to the board should the primary protection be damaged or leak, as well as provide protection against high humidity and condensation within the housing.

Often, resins are used to form part of the housing itself, and are thus part of the primary protection of the system, and as such are required to resist all of the potential contaminants the housing might see during its end use environment.

Resins are often used in high voltage electronics and electronics operating in explosive environments, to provide a total dielectric layer to prevent arcing.

A well designed PCB and housing will make the application of either the coating or the resin a quick and efficient process, efficient both in terms of the amount of time required to process as well as the amount of material required.

So , when you chose the way , you need to think about the cost and time .

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