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What is a single-sided PCB Board?
Mar 04, 2017

PCB is in English (Printed Circuie Board) PCB for short. Usually put in insulation materials, according to a predetermined design, printed circuits, production of components, or a combination of the conductive pattern known as printed circuit. Insulating substrate to provide electrical connections between components of the conductive pattern, known as printed circuit. Finished printed circuit or printed circuit boards called printed circuit boards, also known as printed circuit board or printed circuit boards. On the most basic PCB, components concentrated in the side, wire centres on the other side. Because wires only occurs on one side, so we'll call this PCB is called single-sided PCB Board. For single-sided PCB Board design lines there are many severe restrictions on (because only one side, alone cannot make and must be wound path between the wiring).

Single-sided PCB Board almost without it we can see the electronic equipment, from digital watches, calculators, general computer, computers, communication devices, military weapons systems, with integrated circuits and other electronic components, PCB is used electrical interconnection between them. It provides Assembly of integrated circuits and other electronic components fixed mechanical support, implementation of integrated circuits and other electronic components cabling and electrical connections or electrical characteristics of electrical insulation, providing the required, such as the characteristic impedance. While providing automatic soldering solder graphics; component instrumentation, inspection, maintenance and provision of identification characters and graphics.

Clad laminated sheets for printed single-sided PCB Board made from commonly used is copper-clad laminate. Plate selection from the electrical properties, feasibility, process requirements, economic indicators and other considerations, common Copper Clad Laminates with copper clad phenolic paper laminated sheet, copper clad epoxy paper laminates, copper clad epoxy glass cloth laminated sheet, copper clad epoxy phenolic woven glass fabric laminated sheet, copper clad PTFE glass cloth laminated sheet and multilayer printed circuit boards using epoxy glass cloth and so on.

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