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What is DIP production?
Mar 21, 2018

DIP (Dual In-line Package), also called dual in-line package technology, refers to an integrated circuit chip packaged in a dual in-line package. Most small and medium-sized ICs use this type of package. The number generally does not exceed 100. The DIP-packaged CPU chip has two rows of pins that need to be plugged into a chip socket having a DIP structure. Of course, it is also possible to directly solder on the circuit board with the same number of holes and geometric arrangement. DIP-packaged chips should be especially careful when inserting or removing from the chip socket to avoid damaging the pins. DIP package structure includes: multilayer ceramic dual in-line DIP, single-layer ceramic dual in-line DIP, lead frame DIP (including glass ceramic seal, plastic encapsulated structure, ceramic low melting glass encapsulated) Wait.

DIP packaged 8086 processor

The DIP package has the following features:

It is suitable for perforation welding on PCB (Printed Circuit Board) and is easy to operate.

The ratio between the chip area and the package area is large, so the volume is also large.


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