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What is PCBA Welded? PCBA how to solve the problem?
Mar 28, 2018

First, PCBA Weld-welding is a common type of line fault. Common causes of Weld-welding are the following two types:


1. In the process, due to improper production process, such as poor soldering or soldering, the component legs and pads are not conductive, etc., and the circuit board is in an unstabilized state when the time passes.


2. Due to the long-term use of electrical appliances, some of the more serious parts of the heat, the solder joints at the soldering feet are prone to ageing and peeling or impurities.


Second, determine the PCBA false welding method:


1. According to the appearance of the fault phenomenon to determine the approximate fault scope;


2. Appearance observation, focus on viewing larger components and components that generate large amounts of heat;


3. Use a magnifying glass to observe;


4. Shake the suspect element by hand, and observe whether the pin joint has loosened.


Third, solve the PCBA Weld method:


1. The components must be stored moisture-proof;


2. For the direct insertion of electrical appliances can be slightly polished;


3. When soldering, solder paste and flux can be used, preferably reflow soldering, manual soldering requires better technology;


4. Reasonably choose a good PCB substrate material.


In the PCBA processing process, the virtual welding is an important factor that affects the quality of the circuit board. Once the occurrence of the weld phenomenon requires rework, which will not only increase labor pressure, but also reduce the production efficiency and cause losses to the enterprise. The occurrence of the phenomenon, do a good job of inspection, and once there is an as-welded weld, you need to find the cause and solve it immediately.


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