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Analysis On The PCB
Mar 04, 2017

Many people have heard of "PCB" the English abbreviation. But it's exactly what meaning? It's really quite simple, that is, printed circuit boards (Printed Circuit Board. It appears in almost every electronic device. If an equipment with electronic components, they are set in different sizes on the PCB. In addition to fixing a variety of small parts, PCB's main function is to provide the parts of the top electrical connections.

PCB materials are copper clad laminate, CCL according to different base materials are divided into phenolic cellulose paper copper clad laminate (FR1/FR2), glass fiber fabric Copper Clad Laminates (FR4), composite copper clad laminate (CEM-1, CEM-3), Aluminum clad, plus flexible copper clad laminate and other CCL type. CCL differences according to different environments, no matter good or bad: some plates such as FR1/FR2 are mainly used for the remote control of products with low performance requirements, FR4 is typically used in computers and other high-end digital electronics products, CEM1, 3 is somewhere in between, in recent years for flexible copper clad laminate folding mobile phones, notebook computers and other widely used. Selection of mostly according to the use conditions of environment, when selected, sheet suppliers is good or bad points, price differences are more obvious, FR1/FR2 cheap, CEM1, 3, of flexible copper clad laminate prices moderate, FR4, high price.