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Bard Code System For Components Tracking For Pcb Assembly
Nov 13, 2017

     Bard Code System for components tracking for pcb assembly

Wells use an advanced tracking system for our components this year , which will help producing department to avoid many mistake before pcb assembly.


Following are details for the bard code system


For each SMT machine , which has fixed place for components , we name the different place by serious number and the serious number are fixed , so , when we get the component and our purchasing people will scan code  for this component , then its posion is fixed , during producing , if put this component in different postion , the machine will  give an alarm , in this way, we can avoid to assembly wrong component .


Also our purchasing team will use the bar code to track all the components records in our ERP system


This bar code system is a very important set for our pcba QC flow and also help our team to avoid many mistake before producing.