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Buried Blind Hole PCB Knows How Much!
Mar 04, 2017

With the current design of the portable product development toward the miniaturization and high density, PCB design is also growing more difficult, the PCB production put forward higher requirements. 0.65mm pitch in most portable products following BGA package, buried blind hole design process is used.

Blind hole is the PCB inner layer line connected with the surface alignment of PCB through-hole type, this does not penetrate the entire Board. Buried the only connection between the alignment of the through-hole type, so is not apparent from the PCB surface. Most simple and the most common is the first two-tier 4 plate holes (that is, buried blind hole), due to the different requirements of PCB laminated, line, GND and Power distribution, and so forth.

Buried blind hole PCB is mainly used for high density, small micro plate manufactured multistage buried blind hole we also known as HDI circuit boards. HDI PCB product occurs with the aim of saving wiring space, so as to achieve the objective of reduced PCB size.