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Flexible Pcb Board Storage Methods And Shelf Life
Jul 13, 2017

  flexible pcb board storage methods and shelf life

  flexible pcb board after the final product inspection, you can then vacuum packaging storage waiting for shipment. So why should the flexible pcb board vacuum packaging? How is it stored after vacuum packaging? How long is it shelf life?

  Why should the flexible pcb board vacuum packaging? This problem is small, but it is a lot of circuit board manufacturers attach great importance to the problem. Because the flexible pcb board is not sealed, its surface immersion gold, spray tin and pad parts will be oxidized and affect the welding, is not conducive to production.

  So, how to flexible pcb board storage? The circuit board is no more than other products, it can not be in contact with air and water. First, the flexible pcb board vacuum can not be damaged, packing box on the edge of the need to surround a layer of bubble film, bubble film of water absorption is better, so the moisture played a very good role, of course, moisture-proof beads is not less. And then sorted and put on the label. After sealing the box must be separated from the wall, stored in the dry and ventilated place, but also to avoid sunlight. The temperature of the warehouse is best controlled at 23 ± 3 ℃, 55 ± 10% RH, under such conditions, Shen Jin, gold, tin, silver and other surface treatment of flexible pcb board can generally store 6 months, Shen tin, OSP and other surface treatment of flexible pcb board can generally store 3 months.

  For a long time do not use the flexible pcb board, the circuit board manufacturers on the best brush on a layer of three anti-paint, the role of three anti-paint can be moisture, dust, anti-oxidation. So that flexible pcb shelf life will increase to 9 months.