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Flexible Pcb Circuit Board Ink Quality Is A Comprehensive Manifestation Of Excellence
Jul 13, 2017

  flexible pcb circuit board ink quality is a comprehensive manifestation of excellence

  flexible pcb circuit board ink quality is excellent, the quality of ink is definitely the first to be taken into account, the formula of scientific, advanced and environmentally friendly ink quality is a comprehensive manifestation of excellence.

  In the actual circuit board printing process if the ink viscosity is high, will cause difficulties in printing, graphics edge serrated serious, in order to improve the printing effect, will add diluent, so that viscosity requirements. After in-depth study, only to find that ink viscosity is an important factor, but not the only one. There is another considerable factor - thixotropy. It is also affecting the printing accuracy. We specifically look at the relationship between each performance:

  Viscosity is the name of the dynamic viscosity (dynamicviscosity). Generally indicated by the viscosity, that is, the shear stress of the fluid flow divided by the velocity gradient in the flow direction, the international unit is Pa / s (Pa.S) or mPa · s (mPa.S). In flexible pcb production is the ink by the external force to promote the mobility.

  Conversion of viscosity units:

  1Pa. S = 10P = 1000mPa. S = 1000CP = 10dpa.s

  Plasticity refers to the deformation of the ink by external force, still maintain its pre-deformation properties. The plasticity of ink is beneficial to improve the printing precision.

  Thixotropic (ink) in the standing when the gel was gelatin, and by the viscosity of a change in the nature of a change, also known as shaking, anti-sagging;

  The degree of expansion of the ink to the surroundings under external forces. The degree of fluidity is the reciprocal of viscosity, and the degree of fluidity is related to the plasticity and thixotropy of the ink. Plasticity and thixotropy large, mobility is large; mobility is easy to expand the imprint. Liquidity is small, prone to network, resulting in ink phenomenon, also known as reticulate;

  Viscoelasticity refers to the performance of the ink after the scraper is blown and the ink is sheared to break quickly. Requiring ink deformation speed, the rapid rebound in the ink can be conducive to printing;

  Dryness requires that the drying of the ink on the screen as soon as possible, and hope that the ink transferred to the substrate after the request, the faster the better;

  Fineness of the size of the pigment and solid particles, flexible pcb ink is generally less than 10μm, the size of fineness should be less than one-third of the opening degree of the mesh;

  Drawing with ink shovel to pick up the ink, the filamentous ink is not the degree of tension is called drawing. Ink long, in the ink surface and the printing surface there are many filaments, so that the substrate and the printing plate dirty, or even can not print;

  Ink transparency and hiding power

  For flexible pcb inks, depending on the use and requirements of the ink transparency and hiding power also put forward various requirements. In general, line inks, conductive inks and character inks all require high hiding power. While the solder resist is more flexible.

  The chemical resistance of the ink

  flexible pcb ink according to the purpose of the use of different requirements of the acid, alkali, salt and solvent requirements have strict standards;

  The physical resistance of the ink

  flexible pcb ink must meet the resistance to external scratches, heat shock, anti-mechanical stripping, and to achieve a variety of strict electrical performance requirements;

  The use of ink is safe and environmentally friendly

  flexible pcb ink requires a low toxicity, odorless, safe and environmentally friendly.