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IC Programming Involving All Electronic Components
Sep 30, 2017

IC programming is the semiconductor components of the product collectively, including: 1. integrated circuits (integratedcircuit, abbreviation: IC) 2. two, transistor. 3. Special electronic components. And then generalize some of the electronic components, such as resistors, capacitors, circuit boards / PCB version, and many other related products. The IC also includes, but is not limited to, national industrial capacity in the economy and statistics.

IC can be divided into functions: digital IC, analog IC, microwave IC and other IC, which, digital IC is the most widely used in recent years, the fastest growing IC varieties. Digital IC is the transmission, processing, processing digital signal IC, can be divided into universal digital IC and dedicated digital IC.

General IC: refers to those users, the use of a wide range of standard circuits, such as memory (DRAM), microprocessor (MPU) and microcontrollers (MCU), etc., reflects the status and level of digital IC.

Special IC (ASIC): refers to a specific user, a special or special purpose of the design of the circuit.

At present, the integrated circuit products are the following design, production, sales model.

1. IC manufacturers (IDM) designed by their own production line processing, packaging, testing after the finished product chip sales.

2. IC Design Inc. (Fabless) and the standard process line (Foundry) combination of the way. The design company will be the final physical design of the chip to the Foundry manufacturing, the same, the packaging test is also commissioned by professional manufacturers to complete the final finished chip as IC design company's products and sales. For example, Fabless is equivalent to the author and publisher, and Foundry is equivalent to the printing plant, play the industry "leading" role should be the former.

Commonly used electronic components classified according to many, the following commonly used class to do the next induction

First, the electronic component is a basic unit that has its own independent circuit function and constitutes a circuit. With the development of electronic technology, the variety of components is also more and more, the function is more and more strong, the scope of which is also expanding, across the components, circuits, systems, traditional classification, across the hardware, the basic software category.

Fundamentally, the basic circuit components can be roughly divided into active components and passive components. For components made of semiconductors, discrete devices and integrated devices can also be used. According to the use can also be divided into: basic circuit components, switch components, connectors, instructions or display devices, sensors and so on.

The passive device is a component of the input power consumption of the components of the device, itself does not require power can be signal processing and transmission.

Passive devices include resistors, potentiometers, capacitors, inductors, diodes, and so on.

The basic condition for active devices to work properly is to provide the appropriate power supply to the device. If there is no power supply, the device will not work. Active devices include transistors, FETs, integrated circuits, etc., is a semiconductor-based components of the composition.

With the development of integrated circuits, has been able to unit circuits, functional circuits, and even the entire electronic system together.