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Machine Leakage
Mar 04, 2017

1. design reasons
Machine leaks is one of the main reasons, is caused by unreasonable design. Designers due to neglected characteristic of the seals, sealing machine leaks caused by the unreasonable structure of that design. The sealed structure of design and working pressure, working temperature, medium characteristics, not adapted to environmental conditions; is not taken into account in the design of measures such as ventilation and flooding and delivery devices, such as where the maze of oil tank should be set not set; using thin oil lubrication of the bearing and the speed limit is extremely high, high oil temperature did not set the ventilation holes. Metal fabrication of micro-letter content good, worthy of attention. In design sealed structure Shi not note anti-corrosion, and anti-vibration, and are pressure, and grooming measures, just one-sided consider seal blocking; box Shang of screws hole design into pass hole, and no sealed measures; box cover at no take corresponding of sealed pad; hinge and box hole of tie relationship not reasonable, and clearance had big; sealed circle and axis tie of had surplus volume not meet standard requirements; sealed slot design not reasonable, situation, are will caused leak oil phenomenon.
2. manufacturing reasons
This is one of the reasons for the leakage of important. Mainly Machining accuracy and surface roughness, and so on. As on need for grinding processing of place, only used has turning of way, caused processing at of surface rough degrees not meet requirements, and produced leak; for hydraulic system in the of various pump, and valve, are is to clearance to control leak volume of, if manufacturing precision super poor, not meet design requirements, on will increased internal of leak, and reduced efficiency; on casting in the often will appeared trachoma, and stomatal, and crack, and organization loose, defects, if no take prevention measures, in equipment using process in the, These flaws are often the root causes of oil leakage. Such good information on where to find it, don't run go to circle of friends.
3. installation reasons
Quality also has great impact on leakage of equipment installation, practical work, equipment, installation not in accordance with the correct assembly process for Assembly or installation personnel incorrect installation, Assembly errors, confusion or Assembly process, and so on are very easy to create the equipment put into use after the leakage. Installer at the time of Assembly operations and equipment, such as where to tap should, using hammer tools such as the rough handling can cause equipment as some of the site were damaged and leaking oil. Metal fabrication of micro-letter content good, worthy of attention. Equipments work principle because the installer does not notice or ignored technical requirements for drawings, skeleton oil seal seals installed backwards, it will cause leakage.
4. the sealing element and material reasons
Improper sealing components and materials used, tends to shorten the seal service life, sealing performance, likely to cause equipment leaks. For example, hardness is not adapted to the working pressure of the sealing rubber, or inappropriate selection of inner and outer diameter of rings and so on. In addition, the selection of tubing, fittings, oil-resistant rubber products due to prolonged use, hard brittle material aging will change, resulting in pipe and fitting joints, such as oil spills.
5. operation reason
Improper operation, maintenance is poor to the most direct reason is equipment leaks. As refueling too much, makes machine spindle box drive shaft all dip Yu oil liquid in the, dang gear rotating Shi, box within pressure increased and led to leak oil; or ventilation hole blocked and not processing, filler sealed gland not pressure tight, and in appeared micro-leak Shi not timely processing, sealed components damaged Hou replaced than Shi, led to leakage into big leak; not right using various sealed pieces, and sealed rubber, deceleration machine upper and lower box combined surface at has paint, and Burr, and impurities or touch injury, makes combined surface fitting not strict, equipment sealed Hou sealed rubber no Shang strength on using equipment, The result will be equipment leaks.