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Main Causes And Countermeasures Of PCBA Rolling
Apr 25, 2018

Main Causes and Countermeasures of PCBA Rolling

Cause 1: Nozzle problems, such as nozzle deformation, clogging, damage caused by lack of air pressure, leakage, resulting in suction material can not afford, take the material is not correct, identification can not pass PCBA material.


Countermeasure: Clean and replace the nozzle;


Cause 2: Feeder problems, improper feeder settings, positional deformations, and poor feeding mechanisms cause unacceptable material intake or poor PCBA material ejection.


Solution: Reset the feeder, clean the equipment, calibrate or replace the feeder.


Cause 3: Identification of system problems, poor vision, unclean vision or laser lenses, identification of foreign matter interferences, improper selection of light sources or intensity, insufficient gray scale, and possibly the fact that the identification system is broken.


Countermeasures: Clean wipe the surface of the identification system, keep it clean without foreign matter, oil pollution, etc., adjust the light source intensity, gray scale, replace the identification system components;


Reason 4: Location problem, position deviation, suction nozzle is not in the center of the material, and the reclaiming height is not correct (usually 0.05mm after the component is touched), resulting in misalignment. Offset, discriminated against the corresponding data parameters and discarded by the identification system as invalid material.


Countermeasures: Adjust the position of the material, height and other parameters;


Cause 5: Vacuum problem, lack of air pressure, vacuum tracheal channel is not smooth, there is foreign matter blocking the vacuum pipeline, or vacuum leaks cause the air pressure is insufficient and can not afford to take off or pick up and then fall on the way to paste.


Countermeasures: Adjust the pressure gradient to the equipment required air pressure (general requirements of the placement machine is 0.5 ~ ~ 0.6Mpa), clean and clear the air pressure pipeline, repair leak gas path;


Cause 6: Mounter program problems. The parameter settings of the edited program are incorrect. If the physical size and brightness do not match the parameters, the identification will not be discarded.


Countermeasures: Modify component parameters, search for the best parameter value of the component;


Reason 7: Incoming materials, non-standard incoming materials, or incoming products such as pin oxidation.


Countermeasures: IQC makes incoming inspections and contacts component suppliers.


Cause 8: Problems with the feeder, the feeder is deformed, and the feeder feeds poorly (the feeder ratchet gear is damaged, the feed hole is not stuck on the ratchet gear of the feeder, there is foreign matter under the feeder, and the spring is aged , lack of power, or electrical failure, resulting in less than expected or poor material and PCBA throwing material, as well as feeder damage.


Countermeasures: Correct the feeder, clean the feeder platform, replace the broken parts or feeders; According to relevant research shows that static electricity is also a cause of PCBA throwing material, so the placement machine should be well grounded, the production site to do a good job Anti-static work.


It is normal for the placement machine to have PCBA material to be ejected. However, if PCBA has a high rate of material throwing, which seriously affects the production efficiency and production cost, it must be resolved. When there is a serious phenomenon of PCBA throwing, you can first ask the on-site personnel, through the description, and then according to the above seven reasons, to observe and analyze the problem directly to find the problem, so that can more effectively identify the causes and solve them, while improving production efficiency , but much of the machine production time.