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NC Machine Tool Failure Notice
Mar 04, 2017

NC machine tool failure notice
(1) initial of reset method: individual status Xia, because moment fault caused of system alarm, current measurement available hardware reset or switch system power sequence to clear fault, if system task storage district because off electric, pulled plug circuit board or battery owes pressure formed clutter, is required on system for initial of clear, clear Qian should focused on for good data copies records, if initial of Hou fault still cannot clear, is for hardware diagnosis.
(2) the parameter changes, order corrections: a system function parameter is a system based on the parameter setting companions will be able to form a system failure or a function is not valid. Sometimes because the user partner can also be formed in the order breakdown, a review of the search function of this system can be taken, correct all partners to ensure its normal operation.
(3) Regulation, the best method of transfer: conditioning is one of the most simple and easy way. By conditioning the potentiometer, modify system failure. If a plant maintenance, the system display screen clutter, after conditioning properly. As in a factory, its main axis attack belt slipping when starting and braking, due to its large spindle load torque and ramp up time of driver installation setting is too small, after conditioning properly.
Best swap is the system of servo-driven system and dragged the mechanical system best matching comprehensive conditioning methods, electromagnetic flow meter is very simple, with a multi-line record instrument or of double trace oscillograph with memory function, break up inspection instruction and the speed of reaction or response from the current response. By adjusting the speed adjusting the proportional and integral time for to make the static characteristics of servo systems is high on arrival, without oscillations in the best performance. No Oscilloscopes or recorded under instrument conditions at the scene, according to experience, conditioning the motor starting, then reverse conditioning until clear vibration.
(4) the spare parts Exchange: with a good spare parts Exchange diagnosed a bad circuit board, and make the corresponding initialization starts, normal operation of the machine quick input, then the bad repair or repair, this is by far the most rarely used method of troubleshooting.
(5) method of improving power quality: at present, individually regulated power supply, to improve power wavered. On high-frequency causes capacitive filtering could be taken through these precautionary approaches to increase power supply Board failure.
(6) maintenance information tracking method: some big production companies according to the practical tasks of formation because of design flaws in the occasional failure, electromagnetic flow meter system has been modified, and the perfect software or hardware. These modifications to maintenance information has been provided to maintenance personnel. With the fault clearing under this, are accurate and complete to clear the fault.
In the second, the maintenance should focus on matters of
(1) taken from the machine when a piece of circuit board, should pay attention to the records corresponding to its status, interface cable, fixed installation circuit boards, shall also remove the corresponding press parts and screws before and after recording. Dismantled parts and screws should be placed in a special box, lest lost, once demolished, stuff should be used as a whole in the box, or remove the incomplete.
(2) soldering iron should be placed within easy reach of the rear, away from the maintenance board. Soldering iron should be properly trimmed to fit the welding of IC and prevent scratches the other components.
(3) when measuring the resistance between the lines, should the power, when measuring the resistance change measurement should be red and black table twice, the resistance as a reference value.
(4) most brush on the circuit board with solder mask and measurement should find the appropriate solder test point, don't eradicate welding suitable for membrane, some boards brush with insulating layer as a whole, as long as the blade scratch the insulated layer at the welding point.
(5) should be loath to cut off printing lines. Some maintenance personnel has certainly of appliances maintenance experience, electromagnetic flowmeter habits break review, but NC equipment Shang of circuit board most is double metal hole Board or multilayer hole of Board, printing line fine and key, once cut easily welding, and tangent Shi easy cut adjacent of line, again some points, in cut a a root line Shi, and cannot makes its and line from, to while cut several root line only line.
(6) should be loath to remove components. Some maintenance personnel in the absence of fault conditions according to think that a component is broken, replace immediately, such a high error rate, remove the elements of vandalism rate is also high.
(7) when removing components absorb and absorb rope should be used, not hard to take. Same should not long time heating and repeated removal of the pad, to avoid damaging the pads.
(8) was replaced by a new device, the pin should be properly solved, weld should not use acid soldering paste.
(9) switch on the recorded line, jumper position, we should not make any changes. Comparative review of Poles above, to pay attention to the signs or replace components the components on the Board, that disorder, resulting in good nor mission.
(10) identify circuit board power supply configuration and on the basis of need, can break up the power supply or the power supply. Should pay attention to the low-voltage, circuit board indirectly connected to the low voltage or low voltage generator, need proper insulation, operation should be a special focus on.

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