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PCB And PCBA Difference!
Nov 01, 2017

I believe that many people who contact the electronics processing industry, for PCB, SMT these hot words are no strangers. But many people are not familiar with PCBA processing, and PCB board is often confused. So what is the meaning of PCBA processing?

PCB and PCBA what is the difference? The technician will give you a detailed introduction:

PCBA Introduction:

PCBA refers to a process, both a PCB board through the SMT chip, and then through the DIP plug-in the entire manufacturing process, PCBA from Printed Circuit Board + Assembly referred to.

Differences between PCBA and PCB:

From the above description will know, PCBA refers to a processing process, can also be understood as a circuit board for the realization of a specific function of the circuit board, PCB circuit board will be completed after all the processes can be considered PCBA The The PCB is the circuit board, there is no electronic components, can not achieve any function.

With the high speed of electronic equipment, ultra-miniaturization, packaging technology has developed by leaps and bounds. Chip-size packages CSP and BGA packages are moving toward multi-lead and narrow lead spacing, and the bare-chip package is also available. As a result of these advances in packaging technology, printed circuit board PCB also made new demands, that is, to adapt to high-density packaging and high-speed needs.

Before the production of electronic products, to complete a complete circuit board production, usually need to purchase PCB empty board back, go to contact the patch manufacturers, for processing. The process is very troublesome and costly. Nowadays, many manufacturers are willing to choose PCB multi-layer board manufacturers in the production of PCB processing chip, or let the patch manufacturers instead of purchasing PCB circuit boards, these two methods are a lot of trouble, speed up the production effectiveness. And PCBA processing manufacturers will be able to achieve these two quick and efficient processing methods for customers to save a lot of trouble.

PCB empty board manufacturing and patch processing is two different production methods, many electronic manufacturers profit is only a separate way, which requires electronic product manufacturers in the choice of PCBA processing manufacturers, we must take into account the strength of PCBA manufacturers The