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PCB And PCBA Different
Jul 25, 2017

  PCB and PCBA different

  Want to think about, in fact, still very good to remember, such as PCB, PCBA, etc., in all the electronic components, PCBA processing and its Maintenance or some precautions.

  PCBA is Printed Circuit Board + Assembly short, that is, PCB board through the SMT pieces, and then through the DIP plug-in the entire process, and PCB is printed circuit board, also known as printed circuit board, printed circuit board circuit Is an important electronic component and is also a support for electronic components. It is a supplier of electronic component line connections. PCBs are printed circuit boards. On insulating substrates, printed parts or printed circuits are formed on a predetermined basis A combination of conductive pattern printed boards.

  PCB should be placed in the temperature of 0-30 degrees between the temperature, the humidity should be less than 80% RH of non-corrosive gas environment conditions, each cycle should be carefully checked, PCB on the line should also have the following checks and Process:

  1. unpacking must be checked, PCB is not allowed to have packaging damage, over storage and scratches, blistering, pad oxidation and other obvious appearance defects;

  2. The vacuum packaging damaged PCB on the line before the drying must be drying (OSP board and no welding mother board);

  3. Check the super-storage period on the PCB before the line regardless of whether the vacuum packaging is intact, must be baking treatment (OSP board can only use vacuum oven dehumidification).

  And PCB is not the same, PCBA processing before and after, there must be stored process, and PCBA only need to be stored in a common environment to meet the workshop environment can be, no special requirements, compared to more easily than the PCB storage, But in any case, the electronic meet, after all, is a very fine product, careful maintenance and inspection is an essential part.