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PCB AssemblyWhat Process Requirements
Aug 28, 2017

PCB board production is completed, the need for assembly of components, then, PCB board assembly when what process requirements?

1.PCB board in the initial welding is completed, should be unified number (after the number of two + serial number). Use the marker to clearly write the place on the front of the board. In order to prevent the mark in the process of processing, cleaning should be in the board at another location (generally should be in the 96 curved needle side) and then write the same number. For ease of management, this number should be retained permanently.

2. In order to avoid and minimize the bumping of the surface of the components, in the processing, transportation, storage board process, should pay attention to gently, between the board and the board should be generally separated from the code, or reverse (that is, face to face or back to back) Code release.

3. To prevent electrostatic effects, wear gloves on possible handling of active devices. If the site is unconditional, safety measures must be taken to ensure device safety.

4.PCB board after the test pass (that is already on the machine conditions), the operator should be responsible for finishing the entire board, including:

(1) Cut off the excess pin and note that the metal residue on the clean plate is removed.

(2) the front fly line should be as much as possible homeopathic concealed, the back of the fly line should in principle should take shortcuts; solder joints and longer fly line should be covered with glass glue, fixed, and as little as possible with plastic.

(3) to clear the redundant logo (such as the debugging process done by the fault record must be cleared). The excess device should be completely cut off.

(4) the same device with the rear baffle color should be basically the same. Screws, gaskets, beams should be complete and consistent. Check all kinds of screws, should be kept tight.

(5) with a brush and wash liquid to clean the surface, so that the board and the board without dust and obvious stains dirt. If you use cotton balls to remove dirt, you should also pay attention to remove the remaining cotton.

(6) The broken PCB board shall not be used for the new machine; but slightly damaged, it may be used for repairing the product with care, as appropriate, with regard to the handling of technical measures and ensuring quality and safety.

5. The principle of reworking the PCB for the rework is the same as above.

6. The above-mentioned finishing work, except as otherwise arranged, shall be borne by the operator responsible for the testing and repair of the PCB, and the assembler shall be responsible for reviewing and correcting the equipment.