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PCB Fabrication Function And Introduction
Oct 23, 2017

I. The function of printed circuit

Printed circuit refers to the insulating base material, according to the predetermined design, made of printed wiring, printed components or by the combination of the two conductive graphics, computer CPU circuit. On insulating substrates, a conductive graphic is provided that is electrically connected between components, which is called a printed circuit, excluding printed components.

Printed circuit or printed wiring of the finished board is called printed circuit boards or printed wiring boards, also known as printed boards, the English name is printed circuit Board (also known as printed Wiring Board), the abbreviation is the PCB. Printed circuit board is one of the important parts of electronic industry. Almost every kind of electronic equipment, small to electronic watches, calculators, computers, communications electronic equipment, military weapons systems, as long as there are electronic components such as integrated circuits, in order to electrical interconnection, the use of printed boards. In the larger electronic product research process, the most basic success factor is the product PCB design, documentation and manufacturing. The design and manufacture quality of PCB directly affects the quality and cost of the whole product, even the success or failure of commercial competition.

The substrate of printed circuit boards is usually made of insulating, insulating, and not easily curved materials. On the surface can be seen on the small line of material is copper foil, the original copper foil is covered in the entire board, and in the manufacturing process part of the copper foil was etched off, leaving the copper foil into a grid-like small lines. These lines are referred to as wires to provide circuit connections to the components on the printed circuit board.

In order to fix the components on the printed circuit board, the pin can be welded directly on the pad. The solder disc is used for fixing the pin of the component or drawing the connection, testing the line, etc. In the most basic printed circuit board (single panel), the components are concentrated in one side, the wires are concentrated on the other side. This will require a hole in the board, so that the pin can pass through the board to the other side, so the components of the pin is welded on the other side. Therefore, the positive and negative sides of printed circuit board are called component surface and welding surface respectively.

If you want to connect two printed circuit boards to each other, you will usually use the edge joint of Goldfinger. Connecting the connector between the shrapnel, conducting the contact of the pressure and conducting the interconnect. When connected, a gold finger on one of the printed circuits is inserted into a suitable slot on another printed circuit (usually called the expansion groove slot). Because the gold conductivity is good, in low temperature and high temperature will not be directly oxidized, will not rust, and electroplating processing is very easy, the appearance is also good-looking, so the electronic industry contact surface almost all to choose electric gold-plated. In the computer, the graphics display card, sound card, network card or other similar interface card, is the use of gold finger to connect with the motherboard.