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PCB Fabrication Production Process
Sep 14, 2017

Printed circuit board design process including the schematic design, electronic components database login, design preparation, block division, electronic components configuration, configuration confirmation, wiring and final inspection. In the process of the process, no matter which process found a problem, must return to the next process, to re-confirm or correct.

1. Design the schematic according to the circuit function. The design of the schematic diagram is based on the electrical performance of the components according to the need for reasonable structures, through the map can accurately reflect the important function of the PCB circuit board, and the relationship between the various components. Schematic design is the PCB production process in the first step, is also a very important step. The software used to design the circuit schematic is PROTEl.

2. Schematic design is completed, the need for a closer step through the PROTEL package of various components to generate and implement components with the same appearance and size of the grid. After the component package has been modified, execute the Edit / Set Preference / pin 1 setting package reference point on the first pin, and then execute the Report / Component Rule check to set the rules to be checked and OK.

3. The PCB is officially generated. After the network is generated, it is necessary to place the position of the individual components according to the size of the PCB panel. It is necessary to ensure that the leads of the individual components do not intersect when placed. After the placement of the components is completed, the final DRC check to exclude the various components in the wiring when the pin or lead cross error, when all the errors are excluded, a complete pcb design process is completed.

4. Use a special copy of the paper will be designed to complete the PCB map through the inkjet printer print output, and then printed on the side of the circuit with the copper plate relative compression, and finally placed on the heat exchanger for hot printing, through the high temperature will copy paper On the circuit diagram ink stick to the copper plate.

5. System board. Prepare the solution, the sulfuric acid and hydrogen peroxide by 3: 1 modulation, and then put the copper containing the ink into it, so three to four minutes or so, and other copper on the place other than the ink after all the corrosion, the copper removed , Then rinse off the solution with water.

6. Punching. The use of drilling machine will need to stay on the hole in the hole on the hole, after the completion of the matching components from the back of the copper plate will be two or more lead, and then use welding tools to welding components on the copper plate.

7. After the welding work is completed, the entire circuit board to conduct a comprehensive test work, if the test process problems, you need to design the first step to determine the location of the problem, and then re-welding or replacement of components. When the test passed, the entire circuit board was finished.