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PCB FabricationProduction Process
Aug 28, 2017

Printed circuit board {PCB circuit board}, also known as printed circuit board, is the electronic components of the electrical connection provider. A pcb circuit board production to go through a complex process. Let's take a look at the production process.

Method of operation:

1.pcb circuit board production, first of all need to have the working principle of the circuit board design, which requires the use of PROTEl software to design. The design of the schematic diagram is based on the electrical performance of the components according to the need for reasonable structures, through the design can accurately reflect the important function of the PCB circuit board, and the relationship between the various components.

2. After the schematic design is complete, it is necessary to encapsulate the components of the circuit board so that they are within the same regular size.

3. After the completion of the package, the need to rationalize the size of the circuit board to allocate the composition of these components and their size ratio, while in the process also to avoid the conflict of the various components.

4. Then you need to design the completion of the sample agreed to come out, but this requires a special printer, paper and ink can be.

5. After printing, the drawings need to be printed with a circuit diagram so as not to press together with the copper plate, and then use a special chemical medicine on the drawings except for the circuit part of the ink all eroded, so that we get untreated blank circuit board.

6. Next, you need to punch holes on the board where you need to punch to install the next electronic component.

7. After the punch is completed, it is necessary to solder the electronic components on the circuit board.

8. After the completion of the welding of electronic components, although the production process is over, but the need to test the performance of the circuit board, test qualified to mass production.