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PCB In The Future Development Of What?
Mar 04, 2017

In the PCB, from a design point of view a hole is made up of two parts: the Middle drill and drill pads around. As devices work with increasing frequency, high speed PCB signal integrity issues faced by the design becomes a bottleneck of traditional design, engineers designed a complete solution on face increasing challenges.
China's current economic and development boom in the PCB industry to a large extent from national 4 trillion policy support and pull, but its limited follow-up force. At present, consumer confidence remained at a relatively low level, 12 million of the employment gap is also highlighting the subsequent lack of consumption. Policy stimulate reactions tend to lag behind in consumption, far from market pull to quickly, it would have to go through a long period of time to adjust. In was placed hopes of LED field aspects, although LED TV, and LED lighting, are can for PCB industry who brings growth opportunities, its in energy-saving and diversification of function aspects also increasingly was market and consumers by accept, but, China LED development also than imagine in the smooth, on short-term within also belongs to "luxury" of LED products for, big area of promotion work also exists many difficult, like core technology of lack, and price high, and technology standard protection efforts lack,, Hamper the speed and breadth of its promotion. Moreover, the LED products supporting the photovoltaic panels, hardware/software, soft plates in PCB industry in China has a weak link, and yield small number of manufacturers, limited benefit. Therefore, relies heavily on domestic policy-driven PCB companies, should the economy carefully, should not be blindly optimistic.
PCB enterprises in China for a new round of development opportunity is beyond doubt. After a year of adjustment and development, the most difficult period has passed, as PCB companies, rather than spend a lot of energy to discuss and predict the future economic environment, than stop and down hard skills, physical fitness, it is commonplace on the, it is the fundamental way to cope with all the difficulties. After entering the era of electronic products, global PCB production plants from Europe and gradually transferred to mainland China, Taiwan, China and South Korea dominated the Asia-Pacific region, so PCB enterprises should also continue to monitor the policies and the direction of the development of the industry. In the subsequent development of more focus on semiconductors, consumer electronics, NB and optoelectronics product areas such as trends, prepare for the new round of development.