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PCB Layout Design Components What Are The Methods?
Mar 04, 2017

Component layout of the PCB design method
And beauty not only placed the order, but also the alignment of the beautiful.
Because outsiders sometimes emphasize the former, in order to unilaterally evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of circuit design, to product image, when performance requirements are not demanding to give priority to the former. However, in high-performance situations, if you have to use double panel and encapsulated in it, usually invisible, it should give priority to emphasize the beauty of line.
Second, boards should be able to withstand force mounting and operating the various forces and vibrations.
Boards should have a reasonable shape, various hole on the plate (screw holes, irregular holes) to arrange the location. Hole edge distance is greater than the diameter of the hole of the plate. Also note that the irregular holes resulting in the weakest section of the Board should also have sufficient flexural strength. Directly on board "out" connector of the equipment housing must be reasonable fixed to ensure long term reliability.
Third, serious heat for power, heating devices, in addition to thermal conditions, also note in the appropriate location.
Especially in the precision of the simulation system, pay special attention to the temperature field of the device adverse effects on vulnerable preamp circuit. General parts should be made a separate modules are very powerful, and some signal processing circuit thermal isolation measures.
Four, signal interference in PCB layout design is the most important factor to consider.