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Pcb Meaning?
Mar 16, 2018

Printed Circuit Board Printed circuit board (PCB), short circuit board. In general, a conductive pattern made of a printed circuit, a printed component, or a combination of both on an insulating material according to a predetermined design is called a printed circuit. A conductive pattern that provides electrical connection between components on an insulating substrate is called a printed circuit. In this way, a printed circuit board or a printed circuit board is called a printed circuit board, which is also called a printed board or a printed circuit board. The circuit board can be divided into the following categories according to function: single-sided circuit board, double-sided circuit board, multi-layer circuit board, aluminum circuit board, impedance circuit board, FPC flexible circuit board, etc. The raw materials of the circuit board are divided into: glass Fibers, CEM-1, CEM3, FR4, etc. We can see this material in everyday life. For example, the core of fireproof fabric and fireproof mat is glass fiber. Glass fiber is easily combined with resin. We have a compact structure and high strength. The fiberglass cloth is immersed in the resin and hardened to obtain a heat-insulating, non-flexible PCB substrate. If the PCB board is broken, the edges are white and delaminated, which proves that the material is a resin glass fiber.

The board with many small parts inside the electrical appliance is called the circuit board (also called PCB)

The circuit board has been invented for more than 60 years. History shows that there is no circuit board, no electronic circuit, flight, transportation, atomic energy, computers, aerospace, communications, home appliances... all this cannot be achieved. The reason is easy to understand. Chips, ICs, and integrated circuits are the food of the electronic information industry. Semiconductor technology reflects the level of industrial modernization in a country and guides the development of the electronic information industry. The electrical interconnection and assembly of semiconductors (integrated circuits, ICs) must rely on circuit boards. As Lin Xiaozheng, the author of "Circuit Board Set" in Japan, said: "If there is no computer and data, electronic equipment is equal to a normal box; if there is no semiconductor and circuit board, the electronic components are ordinary stones."