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PCBA Chip Processing Flux Usage How To Consider
Aug 08, 2017

  PCBA chip processing flux usage how to consider

  Many engineers are trying to control the amount of flux used. In order to obtain good welding performance, sometimes need more flux. In the PCBA selective welding process, because engineers tend to focus only on welding results, and not concerned about flux residue. Most of the flux systems use a dropping device. PCBA In order to avoid the risk of reliability, the flux used for selective soldering should remain inert - that is inactive when it is in an inactive state.

  The addition of a greater amount of flux will result in a potential risk of penetrating into the SMD zone to produce the residue. PCBA Some important parameters in the welding process will affect the reliability, the most critical is: in the flux to SMD or other process temperature is low and the formation of the inactive part. While it may not have a bad influence on the final results in the welding process, but the product in use, non-activated portion of the flux generated humidity combination electromigration, PCBA such that the flux becomes critical scalability Of the parameters.

  Selective soldering A new trend in the use of flux is to increase the solids content of the flux so that welding with a higher solids content can be achieved by applying a smaller amount of flux. Usually the welding process requires 500-2000μg / in2 flux solids. In addition to the amount of flux can be adjusted by adjusting the parameters of welding equipment to control, the actual situation may be more complex. PCBA The flux expansion performance is critical to its reliability because the total amount of solids after flux drying affects the quality of the weld.