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PCBA Industry Development Trend In The Future
May 03, 2018

How has PCBA evolved? What is the difference between PCBA and PCB? What are the development prospects of PCBA? Below we specifically understand the next.

Since 2009, more and more manufacturers of electronic products, in order to save the trouble of contacting the manufacturer of the PCB after returning from purchasing PCBs, will usually make two choices: let PCB manufacturers produce PCBs. Simultaneous processing of patches, or to allow manufacturers to replace the procurement of PCB. In both modes, the PCBA purchased by the electronics manufacturers can be directly assembled and used to produce finished products.

Since 2010, PCB manufacturers have gradually expanded their factory buildings and PCBA generation processing lines while producing PCBs. This one-step approach has been recognized by many electronics manufacturers. Of course, this method has both advantages and disadvantages. The profit margins of the OEMs increase, but at the same time the risks increase. Mainly due to the need to purchase components for the customer, the components required for each electronic product is also not the same, even if the same product, the design drawings are not the same, the components used are not the same. If the type of component purchase is wrong, the board and components will be scrapped at the same time. The direct economic losses are also difficult to estimate. The increase in manpower and material resources is inevitable. Under the pressure of market competition, simultaneous PCB and PCBA processing is inevitable.

The PCB Chinese name is printed circuit board, or PCB for short, and PCB is an integral part of the electronics industry. PCB has been applied to every kind of electronic device, like small calculator, electronic watch, large computer communication electronic equipment, military weapon system, as long as there are electronic components such as integrated circuit, in order to let them interact with each other. Even use printed boards.

In the research process of larger electronic products, the most basic success factor is the design, documentation and manufacturing of the printed circuit board of the product. The design and manufacturing quality of printed boards directly affects the quality and cost of the entire product and even leads to the success or failure of commercial competition. PCBA: PCBA = PrintedCircuit BoardAssembly, that is to say PCB empty board through SMT on the pieces, and then through the DIP plug-in board, called PCBA. The PCBA that has already attached the component, only need to assemble the shell, debug the procedure, a complete electronic product is finished even if finished.

In general, manufacturers of electronic products will select manufacturers that have the ability to process PCBA one-by-one, or choose a patch factory to allow the SMT factory to purchase PCBs. SMT manufacturers to purchase PCB is a very simple thing, only need to allow customers to provide production drawings and production processes can be; and the PCB market price is becoming increasingly transparent, easy to purchase. The PCB manufacturers do not understand the various components of the product and the price; it is difficult to contact the patch factory for patch production, can only focus on the production of PCB above, in vain to lose the need for simultaneous processing of customers.