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PCBA Processing Considerations
Jul 25, 2017

  PCBA processing considerations

  In the PCBA processing, the processing staff will be in strict accordance with the bill of materials, PCB silk screen and processing requirements of the assembly or placement of components, but the electronic components are often not pay attention to the case, there will always be more or less static, These static electricity will emit electromagnetic pulse in the discharge, so that the computer operation error, serious, but also damage to the device and the line, only do anti-static measures in order to maximize the protection of machinery and components, that processing staff How should anti-static? Then talk about some anti-static precautions.

  PCBA processing considerations are as follows:

  1, anti-static system must have a reliable grounding device, anti-static ground can not be connected to the power line, not with the mine to share.

  2, all components are treated as static sensitive devices.

  3, where the contact with the components and products are wearing anti-static clothing, wearing anti-static bracelet, wearing anti-static shoes.

  4, raw materials into the plant and storage stage, static sensitive devices are used anti-static packaging.

  5, warehouse management staff and IQC detection plus wear anti-static gloves, the use of reliable grounding instrument, the work surface covered with anti-static pads.

  6, the operation process, the use of anti-static work surface, components and semi-finished products using anti-static containers in full bloom.

  7, reliable grounding welding equipment, electric iron with anti-static type, need to be tested before use.

  8, no shell machine using anti-static bags.

  9, the above-mentioned anti-static tools, installation and testing materials to confirm that it is in the required situation.