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PCBA Processing How To Program Burn
Aug 08, 2017

  PCBA processing how to program burn

  PCBA processing smart home appliances, intelligent robots, intelligent wear, automotive electronics, monitoring systems, etc., to achieve these specific functions, it must be software support, there must be software to burn this process, the program " To the chip. The process of "handling" to the internal memory of the chip is called the process of burning, burning methods are generally divided into offline programming and online programming.

  1. Off-line burning: through a variety of adapters compatible with different packages of chips, chips and adapters used in conjunction with the program to achieve the burning. The adapter itself is a precision fixture, different chips, different packages need to use a different fit seat. Now the use of a wide range of chips such as Emmc package BGA, QFN and other small, flat direction, and this type of package adapter price is not low. Off-line burning are required to match the precision fixture, if the production test found an error, the production backtracking re-amendment, you need to remove the chip down, and then follow the established process to go again, the cost of manpower and material resources, The cost is higher. PCBA In the normal production, there are many additional factors, such as PCBA because it can not be high temperature, in the process of removing the chip is easy to deformation, virtually increase the risk of scrapping.

  2. On-line burning: online programming using the standard communication bus chip, such as USB, SWD, JTAG, UART, etc., the interface is relatively fixed, the need to connect when writing the pin is also very little. And because the interface communication rate is not high, the use of ordinary wire can not produce high consumption. Online programming itself is through the connection to the program to burn, if the production test when found to be wrong, PCBA and immediately can be back on the wrong PCBA, to re-come once, save a lot of manpower and resources, low cost, high efficiency.

  In the PCBA processing production process, offline programming and online programming will bring a more significant difference, the program is programmed to download the program to the controller (microcontroller, embedded, etc.) in the memory. For example, single-chip programming, that is, a good program to write to the microcontroller, a different microcontroller programmer (usually programming software) is not the same, but there are common programming, programming no difficulty, there are a lot of burning Write software, PCBA go to download a burning software down practice soon to understand, that is, with a dedicated burner burned almost no difference, similar to the operation. Program is the original program is compiled and processed into the computer after the computer, so that the implementation of your computer program, such as single-chip program is loaded when the. Hex file, stored in the microcontroller, the boot can be achieved by the procedures , And that is simply to let the microcomputer to run your program is the process of programming.