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Safety Operation Regulations For CNC Machining Centers
Mar 04, 2017

1, machine power, the view switches, buttons and keys correctly, sensitive and whether there is an anomalous situation of machine tool, found abnormal immediately notify personnel.
2, machine tool axis to zero, empty job 10-15min more than operational.
View all pressure gauges before 3, operation, view the switch on the operation panel, lights, and safety equipment properly. In additional local craft of a smooth smooth oil.
4, when the veins in the hand and hand feed, be sure to clarify the positive and negative directions, look for the keys, before operation.
5, before the active tool, first view the display show up on the spindle of the tool, and corresponds to the magazine cannot device knife knife block, second library will see a knife knife (a tool magazine in which the marking knife in control and do not correspond) to prevent collision between spindle and toolholder.
6, according to the technology on the corresponding device tool knife library card to see if right, and look at the equipment on the spindle hole cutters can be tightened in the spindle hole.
7, for the program to work on accounts you want to imitate admits is correct, fill out "CNC machined mission", and the instructor's view, after hearing before they can enter the machine.
8, before working in any program, tool and workpiece zero point, zero programming overlap, set compensation and makes the tool on the workpiece looks over.
9, before processing, recognition of workpiece and tool can already stable locking.
10, before machine operation shall recognize the guards are locked.
11, to stop anything or gauge placed on the moving parts of machine tools or control panel.
12, the track surface, working to stop placing heavy objects, such as rough, hammer, wrench, and stop striking.
13, processing shall be to monitor machine work from start to finish, found anomalies in time press the "emergency stop switch" and State Association staff to clarify unusual reasons, troubleshooting before they can start working and processing.
14, banning gloves operations, combat with an air gun to blow gas and play.
15, the operator should wear safety glasses and appropriate wear operational clothing, safety shoes, safety helmets and hearing protection equipment to stop wearing loose garments, worn rings, watches and other accessories.
16, when the system of pneumatics, refrigeration, smooth anomalous situations, immediately cut off the power supply, stopping machine operation.
17, when he launched the operation of machine tools, any part of the body can never be close to or on the moving parts of machine tools.
18, machine tools jobs, stop viewing on machine parts, troubleshooting, manual tool change.
19, machine tool parts if any looseness should adjust immediately, or can form parts fall into the accident.
20, while working in a machine in an active form, don't touch any buttons.
21, machine tools in the process of active operations to stop open the protective door of machine tools, avoid the risk of attack.
22, measurement, elimination of chips of the workpiece, adjust the workpiece, loading and unloading the tool must be shut down to avoid attack incidents.
23, after the processing is complete, self test self test after passing the inspection. After passing the Inspectors conclude that production, if it is determined that the product failed, statements in a timely manner, and to make adjustments.
24, the operator every hour on the autonomous view, and fill in the table.
25, processing ends, knife tool in the library should be removed, by adjusting the storage card or program number, and good oil.
26, the operator every day to see if the gauge is broken, can reach their measurement needs, sent inspectors to check, talent use.
Amendment 27, stop the machine parameters, in case the machine does not work correctly, form of unnecessary trouble.
28, a day before to clean clean the job site, scrubbed clean machine, stick to machine tools and handling equipment should be focused on health, fill in daily production report, an account class.
29, 10 minutes earlier each day, entered the plant and account of class officers, if found to be reflected in a timely manner, let the staff know of the next class, good deal
30, closed the main power must be closed before handling system does not use a non-emergency stop switches. Intercept system power supply, close all Windows and doors talent from.

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