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SMT Chip Processing PCB Board Requirements?
Mar 30, 2018

First, SMT chip processing PCB board size and deformation:


PCB width (including board edge) should be greater than 50mm;


PCB length (including board edge) should be greater than 50mm;


Board edge width: >5mm;


Patch spacing: <8mm;


Distance between PAD and edge: >5mm;


Bending degree: <1.2mm;


Bending down: <0.5mm;


PCB twist: maximum deformation height ÷ diagonal length < 0.25


Second, SMT chip processing on the PCB board identification (Mark) requirements:


Mark's shape: standard circle, square, triangle;


Mark's size; 0.8~1.5mm;


Mark's material: gold-plated, tin-plated, copper-platinum;


Mark's surface requirements: the surface is smooth, smooth, non-oxidizing, no dirt;


Around Mark's requirements: There must be no green oil or other obstructions within 1mm of the surroundings, which is significantly different from Mark's color;


Mark's position: more than 3mm from the edge of the board, within the surrounding 5mm can not have Mark-like vias, test points, etc.;


In order to avoid mistakes in the direction of feeding into the production, the difference between the mark on the right and left of the PCB and the edge of the board should be more than 10mm.