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Talking About The Technological Characteristics Of SMT Adhesive
Mar 25, 2018

SMT Adhesive has the following features:


1, the connection strength: SMT adhesive must have a strong connection strength, after being hardened, even at the melting temperature of the solder does not peel.


2. Spot-painting: At present, the dispensing method of printed boards in the SMT chip processing is mostly using the dot-coating method, and the chip-adhesive should be able to adapt to various mounting processes and to adapt to the replacement of component types; it is easy to set up for each element. The supply of the device; the amount of spot coating is stable.


2, to adapt to high-speed machine: Now the use of the patch adhesive must meet the speed of high-speed placement and high-speed placement machine, specifically speaking, that is, high-speed coating without drawing, and that is high-speed placement, the printing plate in the transmission process Glue sticky adhesive to ensure that the components do not move.


3, drawing, slumping: Once the patch adhesive on the pad, the components can not be achieved with the printed board electrical connection, so the patch adhesive must be no coating at the time of coating, no collapse after coating Drop to avoid contamination of the pad.


4, low temperature curing: curing, the first use of wave soldering welding heat-resistant plug-in components also have to pass through the reflow furnace, so the hardening conditions must meet the low temperature, short time.