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The Detection Of Electronic Components
Nov 17, 2017

The detection of Electronic Components

The detection of Electronic Components is a basic skill of home appliances maintenance, how to accurately and effectively detect the relevant parameters of Electronic Components, determine whether the Electronic Components are normal, not a one-size-fits-all thing, we must adopt different methods according to different Electronic Components, so as to judge the normal Electronic Components. Especially for beginners, it is necessary to master the testing methods and experience of common Electronic Components.

With the industrial, military and civil sectors of electronic products, the quality requirements of the increasing, the reliability of electronic equipment

Received more and more attention. The selection of electronic Electronic Components is one of the most effective measures to improve the reliability of electronic equipment. The purpose of reliability screening is to select high reliable Electronic Components from a number of Electronic Components and eliminate potential defective products. In a broad sense, in the production process of the Electronic Components of various process quality testing and semi-finished products, finished electrical parameters are screened, and we are talking about specifically designed to remove the early failure Electronic Components of the reliability screening. The ideal screening would like to eliminate all the liepin without damaging the excellent products, but the actual screening is not perfect, because of the screening items and conditions of the restrictions, some of the liepin is likely to miss, and some projects have a certain degree of damage, there is the possibility of damaging excellent products. However, you can use various methods to achieve the desired state as much as possible.

The component is the foundation of the whole machine, it may be in the process of manufacturing due to inherent defects or improper control of manufacturing process, in the use of the formation of time or stress-related failure. In order to ensure the reliability of the entire batch of Electronic Components, to meet the requirements of the machine, the use of the conditions may appear early failure of the Electronic Components removed.

The failure rate of the component can be described by the curve of the loss of the "tub Curve", the early failure rate decreases rapidly with the increase of time, and the internal failure efficiency of the service life period (or the accidental failure period) is basically unchanged. The process of screening is to facilitate the early entry of Electronic Components to the loss of efficiency of the basic maintenance of the constant life period, at the same time eliminate the failure of Electronic Components.