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Type Of Mounter
Mar 19, 2018

There are many manufacturers of mounters, and there are many types of mounters. The placement machine is classified as follows.

By speed

Medium-speed chip mounter

High-speed chip mounter

Ultra-high speed placement machine

Features: More than 40,000 pieces/h, using a rotating multi-head system. The Assembleo-FCM and FUJI-QP-132 placement machines were equipped with 16 patch heads, and the patch speeds were respectively 96,000 and 125,000 sheets/h.

By function

High-speed / ultra-high-speed placement machine

Features: The main component of the chip type as the main body, there are not many types of patch devices.

Multifunctional Mounter

Features: Can mount large devices and special-shaped devices.

By way of points

Sequential placement machine

Features: It is in accordance with the order one by one attached to the PCB on the components, usually seen is the placement machine.

Simultaneous placement machine

Features: Using a special hopper for placing cylindrical components, all components can be placed on the PCB's corresponding pads in one motion. When the product is replaced, all hoppers are replaced and rarely used.

At the same time online placement machine

Features: Composed of multiple patch heads, one patch of PCBs in turn, assembleon-FCM is this type.

Automation score

Automatic mechanical and electrical integration Mounter

Features: Most placement machines are like this.

Manual placement machine

Features: Manual patch head mounted on the Y-axis head, X, Y, e positioning can rely on the movement and rotation of the human hand to correct the position. Mainly used for new product development, with the advantages of low cost.