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What Are The Basic Principles Of PCBA Manufacturability Design?
Mar 24, 2018

1 preferred surface assembly and crimp components


Surface assembly components and crimp components, has a good process.


With the development of component packaging technology, the vast majority of components can be purchased for reflow soldering package categories, including plug-in components that can be used for through-hole reflow soldering. If the design can achieve full surface assembly, it will greatly improve the efficiency and quality of assembly.


Crimped components are mainly multi-pin connectors. This type of package also has good processability and connection reliability, and is also a preferred category.


2. As a PCBA assembly, consider the package dimensions and pin pitch as a whole


The greatest impact on the entire board processability is the package size and pin spacing. Under the premise of selecting the surface assembly components, it is necessary to select a group of PCBs with similar processability or a certain thickness of stencil for solder paste printing for a specific size and assembly density PCB. For example, the mobile phone board, the selected package is suitable for solder paste printing with a 0.1 mm thick stencil.


3. Shorten the process path


The shorter the process path, the higher the production efficiency and the more reliable the quality. The preferred process path design is:


(1) single-sided reflow welding;


(2) double-sided reflow welding;


(3) double-sided reflow welding + wave soldering;


(4) double-sided reflow welding + selective wave soldering;


(5) Double-sided reflow welding + manual welding.


4 optimize the layout of components


Component layout design mainly refers to the layout and orientation of components. The layout of components must meet the requirements of the welding process. Scientific and reasonable layout can reduce the use of bad solder joints and tooling, and can optimize the design of stencils.


PCBA processing


5. Consider the design of pads, solder masks and stencil windows, solder masks and stencil window design to determine the actual amount of solder paste dispensed and the solder joint formation process. Coordinating the design of the solder pads, solder masks, and stencils has a great effect on improving the through rate of soldering.


6. Focus on the new package


The so-called new package does not exactly mean the package that is new to the market, but refers to those packages that have no experience in their own company. For the new package leader, small batch process verification should be performed. Being able to use it does not mean that you can use it. The prerequisite for use must be to conduct experiments, understand the characteristics of the process and the spectrum of problems, and master the countermeasures.


7. Focus on BGA, Chip Capacitors and Crystals


BGA, chip capacitors, and crystal oscillators are typical stress-sensitive components. Placement should be avoided as much as possible when PCBs are placed on places where PCBs are prone to bending deformation in welding, assembly, workshop turnover, transportation, and use.


8. Research Cases Improve Design Rules


The manufacturability design rules are derived from the production practice. Continuous optimization and improvement of design rules based on the ever-present assembly failures or failure cases are of great significance for improving manufacturability design.