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What Are The Quality Standards For PCBA Processing?
Jun 16, 2017

  What are the quality standards for PCBA processing? The inspection of PCBA processing products and the detection of those aspects?


  1, test environment: temperature: 25, Humidity: 40-70

  2. Within 1m from 40W fluorescent lamp (or equivalent light source), the inspected product is judged by the appearance of the Inspector 30cm.

  II. Sampling level:

  QA Sampling Standard: Implementation of Gb T 2828.1-2003 II. Sampling plan

  AQL value: CR: 0 Maj: 0. Min: 0.65

  III. Inspection EQUIPMENT:

  BOM list, magnifying glass, feeler, SMD location Map

  IV. PCBA processing and acceptance standards:

  1. Reverse: The polarity point on the component (White screen printing) and PCB plate diode screen printing in the same direction (acceptable)

  The polarity point on the component (White screen printing) is inconsistent with the PCB plate diode screen printing. Reject)

  2. PCBA processing too much tin:

  Maximum height solder point (e) can exceed pad or the top of the end cap metal coating extending to the weldable end, but not the element body (acceptance)

  The solder has been contacted to the top of the component body. Reject)

  3. Anti-White:

  If the accumulation electrical material is exposed, the chip-type element will be opposite to the printed surface mounting direction, and chip parts per PCs board only allow one Boo 402 component to be white. (acceptable)

  If there is exposure to accumulation electrical material, the chip-type element will be the same as the printed surface mount direction, chip parts of two or more than two pieces per PCs board Boo 402 components. Reject)