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What Equipment On The SMT Production Line
Mar 19, 2018

SMT production equipment SMT production line equipment, for the electronics manufacturing industry, SMT production equipment, there are many, the most important equipment SMT placement machine, solder paste printing, reflow, the AOI, send board machine, feeder units Wait. Each device has a specific function and purpose, let's talk about the role of various SMT production equipment.


SMT placement machine production line is the highest-tech equipment, precision components will be responsible, non-destructive to the designated placement locations on the PCB, the placement machine to measure the performance of the technology there are many, the most important are mounting speed, Mounting accuracy, PCB size, mounting range, etc. In the entire SMT production line, users tend to focus on the placement machine, and their performance is the main criterion that determines the production line.

With the continuous development of SMT placement technology, currently used for various uses placement machine and the environment a lot, such as multi-functional placement machine, small patch, high-speed placement machine, LED special placement machine, and so on, as well as Many non-custom placement devices.

2, Paste printing machine

Paste printing machine, also known as SMT printing machine, SMT screen printing machine, is the SMT production line of the previous process equipment, responsible for the solder paste, glue printed on the PCB circuit board, ready for the next patch process. Solder paste printing machines are divided into manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic solder paste printers, and the most appropriate printing equipment is selected according to the user's different needs.

3, reflow oven

The reflow oven is the later process of the SMT production line. It is responsible for melting the solder of the PCB circuit boards and components that have already been mounted and bonding them to the main board. There are also many types of reflow ovens, such as hot air reflow, hot wire reflow, hot air reflow, laser reflow, and so on.

4, peripheral equipment

There are many SMT peripheral equipment, such as special test AOI PCB board communication, the transmission station connection between devices, equipment and automatic detection elements, these peripheral devices can be SMT placement machine, solder paste printing, reflow oven Together with a fully automated SMT production line, production is more efficient and automated.

It is often said in the SMT placement machine refers to the main production equipment, solder paste printing, reflow furnace three major equipment, a production line performance, how efficient, depending on which of the three SMT production equipment.


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