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What Is Called PCBA Processing Products First Three Check System!
Nov 01, 2017

What is called PCBA processing products, the first three check it? Here by the technician to explain to you what is called PCBA processing products, the first three check system!

The first piece is the first or first part of the product that will begin production of the batch PCBA processing. The first piece of inspection is the first product to check, confirm. The first three inspection system is the first PCBA processing products of the self-test, mutual inspection and special inspection.

1. What is the first piece of the three check

Self-test, production operations staff of their own products to produce self-test, through the control work instructions, samples and other self-confirmation, found that the immediate notice to the production engineer to resolve.

Mutual inspection, the length of each section of the production of the product testing, but also through the control work instructions, samples and other confirmed, found that the opposition immediately notify the production engineer to solve.

Special inspection, line body test according to the customer's original BOM, special processing requirements, samples and other products to test to confirm whether the first production of the product in line with customer requirements, whether the product meets the requirements of production technology documents to determine, while the production conditions and Whether the process parameters can be produced by mass production of qualified products. For the "three seized" qualified PCBA samples remain to the end of the batch production.

The basis of the three check is the first piece, the first piece of the standard is the agent and the agent agreed in advance of the sample and guidance documents. The correctness of the sample contains the correctness of the material, the correctness of the weld and the correctness of the electrical properties. Customer guidance documents and sample consistency, the file priority, no documents to sample the subject. At any time, we must follow this basic principle, which is a protection on behalf of the factory, but also a responsibility for the customer, its purpose is to ensure and improve the physical quality, to avoid the mistakes caused by both the occurrence of quality losses.

2. The first three check the precautions

(1) The first piece of inspection is at the beginning of production (work or shift) or process factors adjusted (substitutions, refueling, change, change tooling, adjustment equipment, etc.) for the manufacture of 1 to 3 PCBA products test. The purpose is to identify the process as soon as possible affect the product quality of the system factors to prevent the product in batches of scrapped.

(2) The first inspection by the operator, non-operator, inspectors together. The operator first self-test, non-operator to carry out mutual inspection, qualified post-inspection personnel special inspection. In order to save time can also be mutual inspection and special inspection at the same time.

(3) The inspector shall make an identification on the first part of the inspection and shall be retained until the completion of the batch.

(4) the first piece without inspection qualified, shall not continue processing or operation.

(5) the first piece of inspection must be timely, so as not to reduce production efficiency.

3. The first three check the control requirements

(1) product drawings, process documents, BOM, special processing requirements and other technical documents are harmonized.

(2) placement of components of the parameters, location, polarity, angle, etc. to meet the technical requirements of the document.

(3) whether the quality of raw materials qualified (welding electrode color, component appearance, positive and negative, etc.).

(4) whether the operator in strict accordance with the design drawings, technical standards, process files to operate.

(5) whether the quality of the welding or curing of the product conforms to the requirements of the relevant technical documents.

4. Identification and record

The "three seized" qualified the first piece, by the inspectors in the product linked to the first piece of identification and preservation, until the batch processing is completed and then transferred to the next process. The purpose of marking and preservation is to be able to trace whether or not the first piece of "three seizures" and the first "three seizures" have occurred in the entire batch of quality problems.

All persons involved in the first "three seizures" should sign the "First Checklist" and the signature should be neat and complete to retain the traceability of the product quality.

In the PCBA processing, the implementation of the first three inspection system can not only guarantee the quality of processing, but also improve production efficiency and reduce rework. Do no quality shortcut, Ya Xinda electronic use the most stupid way to do quality.