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What Is The Reason For The Bad Tin On The SMT Chip Processing Circuit Board?
Mar 28, 2018

1. PCB pad or SMD welding position has a more serious oxidation;


2. The reflow soldering temperature in the patch processing is too low;


3, solder paste solder flux wet performance is not good, the amount of solder paste solder joints is not enough;


4. The activity of the flux in the solder paste is not sufficient, and the oxidized material of the PCB pad or the SMD soldering position cannot be completely removed.


5, if there is part of the solder joint on the tin is not full, there may be no full fusion of the solder paste and tin powder fully mixed before use;


4. If the preheating time is too long or the preheating temperature is too high during the reflow soldering, the flux activity in the solder paste is invalid.