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What The Wiring Arrangement Between PCB Board Components?
Mar 04, 2017

Wiring arrangement between the PCB Board components:
(1) cross circuit is not allowed in the printed circuit that may cross the line, you can use the "drill", "around the" two solutions. That is, make a wire from the other resistors, capacitors, transistors at the foot of the gaps "drill" in the past, or from one end of a lead can cross "around" in the past, in exceptional circumstances to circuit complexity, simplifying the design also allows for a wire jumper to solve cross circuit problem.
(2) components such as resistors, diodes, capacitors for tube "vertical" and "horizontal" two installation methods. Vertical refers to the components perpendicular to the circuit board Assembly, welding, the advantages of saving space. Is horizontal component parallel and close to the circuit board mounting, welding, its advantages are better mechanical strength of components installed. These two different installation components, components on the printed circuit board hole distance is not the same.
(3) with circuit ground point should be as close as possible, and the circuit of power capacitor should be connected at this level pick up locations. This class in particular transistor base, emitter grounding points cannot be too far away, or between two stations of the copper foil is too long can cause disturbance and stress, the adoption of such "point grounding method" circuit, stable, easy to stress.
(4) total ground wire must be strictly in accordance with high-frequency induction-low frequency level level in the weak to strong order principle, must not be casually tossed about, stage and Interstage connection rather than longer, he has to abide by this provision. Especially the regeneration frequency head, head, FM earthing arrangements requirements more stringent, such as undue can produce self-excited to be working. FM top high frequency circuit is often surrounded with a large ground, in order to ensure a good shielding effect.