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PCBA copy service

  • Wire Harness Assembly

    Contact NowWire Harness AssemblyWhat Is A Wiring Harness? The wiring harness has been our core business since 2007. Wells designs and manufactures the highest quality and most reliable wiring harness products for the automotive industry. A wiring harness is an organized set of wires, terminals and...Read More

  • Dip Through Hole PCBA

    Contact NowDip Through Hole PCBADip through hole pcba ‍ This mounting technique involves different components which have lead wires that are led to the board through holes, hence the name. In this method, leads rely on holes in a multilayer PCB. The leads are then finally soldered to offer permanent mounting. The technology...Read More

  • PCB Assembly Service

    Contact NowPCB Assembly ServiceFull Turnkey PCB Assembly The term "turnkey" generally refers to any product or service that is sold to the buyer in a form that is ready for immediate use. When applied to PCB assembly, turnkey means that the supplier handles all aspects of the project, including the procuring of all...Read More

  • Flexible PCB Assembly

    Contact NowFlexible PCB AssemblyOverview Looking for a high-quality rigid-flex and flex PCB assembly manufacturer? We provide small to fortune 500 companies from around the world with their component sourcing, PCB manufacturing, assembly, and testing all from a single source. Reduce vendor count, production delays, and improve...Read More


    Contact NowSMT PCBASurface Mount (SMT) PCB Assembly Wells is an experienced SMT assembly house. We have been assembling SMT designs for over 10 years now, and we take pride in the work we perform. Our employees are highly trained and considered professionals in the field. Here are some details about our services...Read More